The Electric Bicycle and GoGreen E-Cycles: Our Story


Our Motto: Simple, Straightforward, Honest

At Go Green E-cycles our policies are simple, straightforward and honest. They reflect our mission of introducing environmentally sound and healthy transportation alternatives to Niagara. Electric bicycles and scooters, urban bikes, folding bikes and trikes are a great and very cost effective form of transportation suitable for any fitness level and for any community. Our goal is to have a real impact, not just a political speech, or green propaganda to target particular consumer groups. We simply want to significantly increase the percentage of the population using two and three wheeled vehicles in their everyday lives - from jumping to a neighbourhood grocery store, to an everyday commute to work. This 'simple' goal is not simple at all, in order to have the majority of the population on our side, we know that we have to offer only the best.

About Electronic Bikes and Cycles

If you are in the market for a new e-bike, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when you go shopping for your zero emission vehicle.




Everytime an e-bike is sold less CO2 is being released into the air. An e-bike's carbon footprint is just 2.6 grams of CO2 per mile, compared to 150 grams for most electric cars and 136 grams for scooters and 353 grams per mile for an average car. The biggest environmental contribution that an e-bike makes is as a replacement for your car. Of the millions of car journeys people take, 50% are under 3 miles (5 km). So if we could eradicate people using their cars for short journeys, then we'd have fewer emissions, less congestion and fewer cars on the road. This industry is expected to grow to $210 billion dollars by 2021. By purchasing a GoGreen-eycle you are part of the newest revelution to our climate.  GO GREEN.

More and more paople are goging green. we are all part of the solution going forward. We are making a difference.    Thank you for making a difference.


If you are looking for a high quality top of the line e-cycle, come to GoGreen-ecycles Ltd.


Operating a Go Green-ecycle
These e-cycles operate very much like a motorcycle, or motorized scooter. However, the need to obtain a license, vehicle registration, license plate, and automotive insurance is not required.


Can youth operate these vehicles?
Yes, so long as they are 16 years of age and wear appropriate helmet protection at all times.


Driving a 13 mpg SUV instead of an average car for a year wastes more energy than.. leaving your refrigerator door open for six years or leaving your bathroom light burning for 30 years or leaving your color television turned on for 28 years."


Countries throughout the world recognize the need to move to alternative modes of transportation as limited natural resources grow scarcer. Governments also look to zero emission vehicles to combat pollution in their cities.


Emission Concerns
GoGreen-ecycles let you enjoy the outdoors, and provides the fun you deserve. Where hills, headwinds and longer distances were once limiting factors, our electric bikes have removed these boundaries and left nothing but wide open freedom and fun.


What sort of fuel do these bikes use?
Being electric, these bikes require no gas. This means that these vehicles output zero emissions.


Environmental Effects
By purchasing an e-cycle, you as the rider should know that you are doing a great service to our planet. Emissions free vehicles should be on the minds of all individuals hoping to make a difference for the planet Earth. Moreover, you are not paying a premium to ride these cycles. They are not only economical, but seeing as they require no fuel, your savings will show year after year.


"Your choice of transportation has a greater effect on the environment than any other choice you make as a consumer."


You don't have to get rid of your car,  just use it less.


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