Phoenix ER500 Specifications
Motor power: Continue output 500W brushless CPU motor
Climbing angle: 15º (from still stand), 20 º (with initial speed)
Torque: 60N.M
Load Capacity: 275 lb (125 kg)
Front brake: Drum brake
Rear brake: EABS (Electric absorption braking system)
Maxi speed: 32 km/h
Recharge distance: 50-60 km
Controller: 30 A
Battery type: Sealed lead acid
Battery capacity: 48V/20AH
Charge time: 3-8H
Charger: 110V-2.8A
Speed control: Throttle
Body size: 72” x 26” x 40” (183 x 67 x 103 cm)
Wheel size: 16”x3.0”
Weight(with battery): 178 lb (80 kg)

Featured Equipment:

· Remote control alarm system with steering lock.
· Dual rear suspension adds more comfort and stability
· Under seat switch adds extra safety factor
· Cruise control makes your ride more relaxed
· 3 locked storage cases / Adjusted mirror
· Locked battery / portable battery charge wire
· Suitable for city commuters or rural riders


· Sleek but smart exterior design makes it perfectly fit for busy downtown lifestyle
· Lighter weight but upgraded power makes it travel longer
· body-integral structure with Storage Compartment